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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

To hoard or not to hoard.....

...now that is the question! Finding this old photograph of my mother in the seventies I found myself overwhelmed with the sense of deja vu, realising not but a few days before I had worn almost exactly the same outfit!I'm loving the seventies vibe that is rocking the high street at the moment, and looking at a mirror image of my mother 30 years ago, albeit give or take a few accessory and hair colour differences, is just as frustrating as it is humourous.

See, my mother is one of those people who seem to take pleasure in having a good wardrobe clearout from time to time, unlike me. I'm the complete opposite and not ashamed to admit it that I'm a hoarder - yes, one of those annoying people who will live amongst boxes and storage bags full of previous season's clothing, knowing that one day the fashions will once again come around full circle!

As I type there's no mistaking the faint tut tuts from the likes of Trinny and Susannah who recommend a regular wardrobe revamp and throwing out the old to make way for the new, but, take it from me, make room for the old I say! My wise belief has saved me a few pounds in the past however much it annoys my housemates and parents that I take up all the spare space in the house and closets with my clothes, shoes, belts, handbags, etc. etc.

How I wish my mother had the same attitude! Just lately it seems that every time I bring home my latest purchase she says "Ooh, I had one of those just like it at your age!" Great mother, I've seen the pictures of you as a once very stylish twenty-something in your bright red stillettos and funky outfits, which leaves a hoarder like me wondering why the hell didn't you keep your wardrobe? See, if my mother had the same attitude as me I would now be the proud owner of quite a few original styles that have greatly inspired this season's trends.
Take these jeans for example. As my previous posts have told you trouser shopping for a shorty like me is a challenge. Well the same goes for jeans. Fortunately, being the 'expert' shopper that I am I finally found this perfect pair from H&M, but imagine the trouble and money it would have saved me if my mother had saved hers from all those years ago! More importantly, imagine how great it would be to own an actual pair of vintage flares from the seventies!
Oh well, I guess I'm just going to have to lump it and hope that someone somewhere is putting to good use my mother's cast-offs because, luckily for me, I take after my nannan. Her three wardrobes and shed piled high with boxes is a vintage treasure chest full of clothes and accessories that have survived the decades. Up there with the vintage boutiques in Paris, 'shopping' at my nannans is one of my favourite places in the whole wide world....

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