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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fashion Fantasy.... Peek-a-boo shoe boots

Just one more reason why I love Primark... Patent peep-toe lace-up shoots!

They were always destined to be THE shoe to be seen in this season after both D&G and Gucci featured them heavily on their Spring/ Summer runways, but after seeing Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a pair there's no doubt I just had to have some to add to my already extensive shoe collection!

Peep-toe shoe boots have recieved mixed opinions, with some people actually calling them 'Ugly' and others unable to understand the reasoning behind cutting out the toes from what could be a very practical, stylish shoe to keep feet warm on those breezy spring days. But me, I think its a genius style statement from the Italian designers and a trendy twist to update last season's shoe to be seen in!

However, as much as I dream about being able to afford a pair hot off the catwalk, once again the bank balance stands in the way! So, I'm sure you can just imagine my euphoria at spotting this almost identical pair in Primark for a bargain £12 - a mini fraction of the cost of a designer pair!There's no doubt I just had to have some to add to my already extensive shoe collection!

To all you sceptics out there, take a tip from me and pair them with a pair of cute, glitzy socks. Ok, so it kind of goes against the whole concept of the peep-toe by covering your peeping toes, but at least it goes someway to adding a little warmth to your feet on those breezy spring days.... oh so very Daisy Lowe style!

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