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Sunday, January 27, 2008

S/S 2008 - The New Tailoring... Wide-legged Wonders

JJ Park metallic rosette sleeve top - ASOS £65
White rib frill vest - Topshop £10
Faceted beads and charm necklace - Miss Selfridge £8
Black Trousers - River Island £34.99
Quilted Mary Jane pumps - Topshop £25
Carta - Faith £55

You see, I am a great believer in investing in quality staple garments that will last last me many seasons, such as a perfect fitting pair of skinny jeans and a classic LBD or killer heels, but for some reason I have an aversion to spending anything over £20 on an item for work! I'd rather rummage through the sales for a bargain pair of trousers or shirt, which isn't very logical considering 4 days out of the 7 demands a specific dress code for work so really I should be spending a lot more money on items I have to wear the most (Friday is 'wear what you want' day, my favourite dressing day of the working week!).

So, with my new monthly shopping fund sitting in my bank, what else was a girl to do on Saturday except hit the stores - with the plan to find myself a new pair of work trousers, straight leg being my preferable choice for a change. After scouring the usual H&M, Dorothy Perkins and Primark for the perfect pair of (cheapish) trouse rs, I was out of luck and in despair heaving round my unexpected heavier environmentally-friendly M&S shopping bag bulging with a few unplanned purchases I just had to have (You know the kind I mean!).

Until I came across these black beauty's from River Island. The fact that it was in River island was a shock - is it just me or have they transformed their rails from what was once a range of sequin clad lycra to a new fab collection complete with pretty details, fabulous fabrics and hot handbags, shoes and accessories!

With a feminine edge on masculine tailoring riding high in the fashion stakes and a military theme with a classic, old-school influence adorning the catwalk, these trousers with their nautically nice buttons and wide-leg, slouchy cut tick a combination of trends that will see me through to spring - and what's more, they were the only size 8 in short length, which for a girl at just 5 foot is an absolute blessing that you don't find often... it was a sign I just had to buy them, they were obvioulsy made with me in mind!

There's nothing more powerful than a woman dressing in tailored men's clothing and black trousers are a necessary staple for any girl. The buttons on these make this particular pair even more versatile.

  • Tick the box for sheer tailoring and team with these beautifully bowed peep toe heels and black rosette sleeve blouse to create that perfect desk-to-dawn dancing outfit.
  • Or keep the silouhette slim and dress down with a this pretty frilled vest. Take the look into S/S 2008 with statement jewellery.
  • For a smart weekend look add cute quilted flats.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

If you can't beat em, wear em... Winter Blues

Feeling blue?... Great, you're in fashion!

Who'd have thought scientists are so stylish? well, some clever boffins are certainly bang up-to-date in the fashion department with their latest diagnosis that this time of the year is officially the bluest... makes me wonder if their research came from the latest fashion magazines and a wander around the high street? Because fashionistas, it's a blue, blue season!

The high street is awash with blue hues at the moment, from baby blue to midnight blue, electric blue to navy blue, it's the latest colour to have in our wardrobes! So, let's brave the windy wet weather and defy the dark days to shop til we drop. Not only will shopping make you feel good, but a blue splash on any outfit will make you look good!

H&M's latest Spring collection certainly makes the most of blue. This blazer should be a staple garment for those with a love of all things bright and beautiful, and combine with these fabulous dresses and make a bold statement in top-to-toe electric blue - or add a spark to any outfit with the shoulder bag. A look not for the meek and mild, but not to worry, H&M has thought about you too with this cosy cardigan and trendy trench coat in baby blue. And I'm loving this knitted beige dress at £24.99... so much so, it's already hanging in my wardrobe!!

Being blue makes a statement dahlin'.. not only of our mood but also our style!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

"Just hang on a darn 'mini-trend' minute..." - Leopard Print Accessories

Bring out your inner party animal, literally, with the latest mini-trend to hit the high street - leopard print. From scarves, tights to bags and shoes, just a glimpse of leopard print is purrfectly cute and stylish!

Love it or hate it, leopard print has been a favourite of fashionistas since the 1960's, evident in the timeless faux fur calf-length coat from Topshop that kept my mum stylishly snug through her punk phase in the 1970's. The coat survived the many gigs and today the tradition continues with this priceless piece (still with the original Topshop label!) proudly gracing my sister's winter wardrobe.

A classicaly vintage statement piece, this original number never fails to express my sister's 'rock chick' persona when teamed with a simple combo of jeans and slouch boots.

However, this much leopard print isn't for everyone. So, if you're more like me with the attitude "a little bit of leopard print goes a long way", then take a trek through the high street to pick up some of these latest stylish accessories and you'll soon be feline fine!

Tights - Dorothy Perkins £8
Pointed Ballet Pumps - Miss Selfridge £20
Neckscarf - Marks & Spencer £12
Leopard cub Raglan Tee - Urban Outfitters £35

But beware, leopards can be dangerous... leopard print is attention-grabbing and one to wear with caution. Too much can be cheap and chavvy (especially on the wrong material and style of clothing) and always steer clear of the tackier prints.

So, if you're still not sure if leopard print is too loud for you then secretly indulge the trend with this cute and sexy underwear. This jewelled leopard ring is also a multi-trend must-have as chunky is in. And for the leopard print lovers in your life, you can't go wrong with this kitsch fluffy hot water bottle as a gift!

Jewelled Leopard Ring - Urban Outfitters £12
Animal Hot water bottle - Topshop £8
Animal mesh thong - Topshop £3
Animal mesh balconette bra - Topshop £14

Friday, January 18, 2008

Shop Greener

I'm loving the edgy graphic designs lining the rails at the moment, and my morning certainly got off to a cheery start as I arrived at my desk to find this printed present from a friend.

With the forecast of a colourful Spring/Summer 2008, complete with neon brights cheering up the catwalks, Marks & Spencers are certainly ticking the trends with this printed bag - part of their latest Fashion Eco Bag collection. The graphic print has been designed by the reputed fashion illustrator David Downton, which set against the backdrop of lime green, creates the ideal stylish accessory to carry you (and your shopping) through the season.

And what's more, at just £2.50 and made from organic cotton, this cheap and chic accessory is not only bright green, but environmentally green. The perfect alternative to carrier bags, this is a great way to still look good whilst doing your bit for the environment!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A New Year, A New Resolution, A New Blog

As I waved a fond farewell to the year that was 2007, like I do every year, I entered into 2008 with the confidence that a few New Year's resolutions is sure to transform my life. So, I made a pact with my little old self that this year I will stop biting my nails (again), start this fashion blog and cut back on the daily shopping. Ok, so the last two don't make sense - why set up a fashion blog but then stop the activity I should be writing the most about?! Well, understandably my motivation for the latter is to save a few extra pennies to jet off once again to the shopping mecca that is New York. I figured surely it would be worth a whole week indulging in my favourite past time in the Big Apple? Surely I couldn't get serious withdrawal symptoms from a few less days a week online shopping, or racing from shop to shop before they close after work at a breakneck speed that would have even Dame Kelly Holmes weak at the knees... but oh, how I overestimated my willpower!

Luckily for me who rejoices at the mere sight of a sale sign, most of the store sales started before Christmas Eve, which gave me the great excuse to have a mini blowout before my New Year resolution came into effect. Spending on the promise of the Christmas money I was about to receive, I managed to pick up a few excellent bargains without having to strengthen my bargain radar and exercise my crazed obsessed alter-ego that usually raises its ugly head in the need to compete with other January sales shoppers to find the best buys. Feeling pretty pleased with myself, I managed to persuade myself that I didn't need to go sales shopping over the Christmas period and that less shopping equals more money - but, looking back, I now realise that my euphoric state was actually induced by the sugary high caused by one too many Quality Streets and those sweet movie classics they re-run every year!

Because with Christmas and New Year over, my shopping habit returned to punish me with a vengeance as those retail gods that demand my every move have cleverly decided to have some damn good sales this year!! As soon as work began again in 2008, so did my daily shopping activity - well it's so hard working in the city to pass a shop without going in, and so easy to purchase with Internet access at my fingertips!

Let's just say I needed those 'Denise' shoes from Faith and ‘Cuff’ shoes from Irregular Choice, those Snake Panel Flat Tassle Boots, the Chiffon Racer Back Blouse and Pleated Satin Tie Blouse from ASOS, that 'Melange' skirt from American Apparel, a few cheapo vests, t-shirts and knits (essential for this British winter) from Primark, a couple of neckscarfs to keep out the chill, oh and I just had to have that anchor necklace in both silver and gold, with earrings to match each... well, some of these new fab additions to my wardrobe were in the sale!!

So, as I write this on the 15th day of 2008, with nibbled nails and a not so attractive bank balance, I am proud to report that this year I have at least succeeded in keeping to one of my resolutions - this blog! Ok, so it's taken me a couple of weeks to finally get round to my first post, but it's here and there's plenty more to follow...