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Monday, March 31, 2008

If it's good enough for celebs...

It's common knowledge that whatever you buy in Primark it's highly likely you will see it on everyone and their mothers. In order to avoid this fashion faux pas I try and purchase items that won't be favoured by the population and basic wardrobe staples that I can dress up in my own way.

However, on a recent trip to Primark I couldn't resist this beautiful bag even though my stylish sixth sense knew it would be bought by half of the city. So, imagine my pleasant surprise in not seeing any members of Joe Public carrying the same accessory in Leeds, but Fearne Cotton with the exact same bag in cream as she stylishly struts the streets of London!

Well, who can blame her for buying this bargain! Despite being able to afford designer clobber, seeing Fearne with this Primark bag just goes to prove to all of us with a less attractive bank balance that it doesn't matter how much it costs or where its from, its how it looks - and this bag looks fab for just£6! Patent and oversized with a big bow, this bag is bang on trend.

I just have one slight issue in owning the same bag as a celebrity style icon, and its that people will now know where I've got mine from (well, that's if they havn't seen it already)... Oh well, if it's good enough for the famous it's good enough for me! And what's more, I also have the same anchor printed neckscarf that cost £1 from Primark, but can I just state for the record that I bought both items before seeing the picture of Fearne, honest! Not that I'd mind anyone thinking I got my inspiration from Fearne Cotton anyway, she always looks great.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nautical as a nipper

Looking through some old photographs the other day I came across this cute pic taken of me and my sister in the late 80's. With our nautical tees and Kate Moss fringes, this is proof if ever I saw it that what goes around comes around in fashion!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Living the London Look

Well, I've put in a poor, poor performance lately when it comes to my beloved blog, but I do have good reasons! Some of my time has been taken up by that thing we all call our 'day job' and seeing friends but, not to worry, I've also managed to squeeze in lots of shopping and even a week in London, which obvioulsy involved shopping! Well, it would be rude not to visit the capital and peruse a few stores, so I've got lots to report....

Starting with my new favourite outfit which I've affectionately labeled 'The London Look'.

On my recent trip to the Big Smoke, I decided against getting caught up in the crowds on Oxford Street and took my shopping shoes in the direction of the quirky markets, vintage and high street stores we're not lucky enough to have in Leeds... and it turned out to be up there with one of the best shopping decisions I've ever made!

Obvioulsy, escaping the crowds wasn't possible, I mean it's London I'm talking about, but what was possible was succeeding in my search to purchase items I knew would be scarcely seen outside of the London Boroughs.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, travelling all the way from London to make a rare appearance in Yorkshire is my new favourite outfit "The London Look"!
Tuning in my bargain radar led me to the Illustrated People shop on Brick Lane, where I stumbled across the sale with everything selling for £10 and picked up this fab printed t-shirt. Not only are graphic prints a look to be seen in these days, but funky flowers are a fashion must to step into spring with style.
Apart from the cute pocket detail, the skirt from American Apparel is plain and black - but that's what makes it a great wardrobe staple. This really will go with anything, and because it sits on the waist it covers any lumps and bumps you want to disguise. Also available in lots of different colours and a bargain at £20, so why not collect the whole range?